These are some of the albums we improvised during our weekend excursions

The Anchor Babies Drake Branch Incident (Bear Hunting) Artwork
The Drunken Idiots Kingdoms Shall Fall Artwork
Crotch Dot Sessions Artwork
Ketchup on Hot Dog Sessions
Swamp Shack
Bob's Tone Farm Greatest Hits Volume 1 Artwork
Bob's Tone Farm Greatest Hits Volume 2 Artwork
Camp Monkey Bob Greatest Hits Artwork
Molten Metal
Focus on the Destination
Plugged in but not charging
Ja Wohl 257
The Tire Biters
The Gelatinous Invertebrates
Stinky Nitegown Christmas
Dirty Pickle and the Dongbongers
The Us - Moist
Ludwig Van Buttoven
The Stare Down
The Unknown Assumptions Artwork

First Annual Tone Farm Fest